Equipped with years of experience as a Colour Consultant and Technician in the hair and beauty industry, Maree followed her dream and become a product developer bringing together her love of all things natural and her passion for colour.

Maree has been able to blend this expertise and create a transformational experience; Well-being beauty with Honeyrock products and Colour Confidence with The Colour Harmony Method - a new approach to understanding your own best colours.

In 2007 I began my journey as a product developer with a range of organic hair care products. In 2010 the Honeyrock brand was born out of a desire to develop safe and natural cosmetics and self-care products that perform to the highest standards without the toxic cocktail of ingredients that are common in many of the products of today.

Honeyrock has grown into what it is today, a brand dedicated to utilizing authentic organic and natural ingredients, grown and produced in Australia. Honeyrock has expanded and evolved to include Skincare, Makeup, Personal Care Products and The Colour Harmony Method. 

I'm passionate about using authentic natural and organic ingredients that do what they claim to do and helping women feel confident in their own skin.

The Honeyrock brand of pure products is for woman who need a little time out for themselves, who love a simple, no fuss routine and a little pampering, and who like to use good quality, natural Australian made products. We've  got you covered from head to toe.