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The fundamentals of a perfect makeup are foundation and skin that match perfectly

Foundation Kit


Passion + Expertise

Birthed in 2010, Honeyrock is the fruit of the desire to develop safe and natural cosmetics and self-care products that perform to the highest standards without the toxic cocktail of ingredients that are common in many of the products of today.

After years of research, product testing, and tireless efforts, Honeyrock grew into what it is today, a brand dedicated to utilizing authentic organic and natural ingredients, grown and produced in Australia 

Equipped with years of experience as a Colour Consultant and Technician in the hair and beauty industry, Maree followed her dream and become a product developer bringing together her love of all things natural and her passion for colour, Maree has been able to blend this expertise and create a transformational experience; well-being beauty with Honeyrock products and colour confidence with The Colour Harmony Method - a new approach to understanding your own best colours.

True care for your skin

How does Honeyrock pamper

Let yourself be taken care of the way you deserve, and invest in some time for you. Start from nourishing your hair and scalp, then take delight in replenishing your skin with fragrant organic oil-rich serums, beautiful honey face cream, and honey butter, enliven your body with the lingering aroma of silver and spice organic body wash. Honeyrock's natural products will make you feel recharged after a long day at work or with the kids.

Complete your pamper routine with the perfect kit of customised makeup and you'll feel even better, ready, polished and happy to conquer the day ahead.

Real and raw: The results

What is about to change

Consider today the last day you'll ever feel guilty about spending a little time pampering yourself. 

From this day forward, you can face the day knowing your hair, skin, and body are well cared for and receiving the nurture and nourishment needed to combat the harsh toxins and chemicals in today’s environment. 

Take Honeyrock along with your journey and delight in feeling refreshed, and confident then relish receiving compliments.  

Transform into the best and beautiful you; feeling assured that your skin is nourished with the highest quality natural ingredients, finally happy with an easy makeup routine that enhances your best features and confident to discover your own best colours;  

begin it all from a place of anticipation and possibility.

Just like sweet honey coming out of a rock.