Hair Detox - Honeyrock Hair Clay

The best way to a fresh start for healthy shiny hair goes beyond purchasing expensive haircare products that pile chemicals onto your hair. Every so often even your hair needs an exfoliation and a deep cleanse to remove buildup that has accumulated on your hair and scalp.
A combination of these 3 amazing natural clays creates an ionic pull that removes toxins;
KAOLIN CLAY- Australian clay removes negative charged toxins such as; chlorine and flouride
BENTONITE CLAY - Australian clay is highly absorbant and will will absorb oil and product build-up especially from the scalp. It also removes positive charged toxins like Silicone, Dimethicone,and Polyquatermiun, These products can coat the hair making it water resistant.
RHASSOUL CLAY - From Morocco has been used for centuries as an alternative to shampoo. It is high in silica and other minerals and is negativly charged. It has a slight lather ability and leaves the hair feeling very soft.
When combined into a slightly acidic mixture of water and apple cider vinegar this hair clay has a unique detoxifying caperbility and   will make your hair feel like new!

Honeyrock Activated Magnetic Mineral Clay Deep Cleans in 3 Ways 

1.REMOVES BACTERIA -The negative ionic energy in the clay causes an electro static disruption and destroys the wall of bad bacteria cells, killing them.
2.DETOXIFIES - The Honeyrock Hair Clay removes toxins and heavy metals.There is an ion exchange due to the super-charged ionic atmosphere created by the positive and negative magnetic charge in the clay blend. Heavy metals, and toxins are drawn away from the hair and scalp. Great for regular swimmers who have chlorine affected hair. 

3.REMOVES OIL & PRODUCT BUILD-UP - Natural sebum is sercreted to protect our hair follicles and scalp. Products and dirt can be caught and build up to create a film like barrier on the scalp and hair shaft. The Clay Mask works as a sponge on oily build-up. Your hair will be exfoliated, dead skin cells removed and heavy buildup is no more leaving your hair feeling wonderfully light, fresh and bouncy.

The Honeyrock Hair Mask is available here. 

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